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Belfast Operatic Company : Concerts

Belfast Operatic Company performs a wide range of concerts, shows and musicals to suit all tastes. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds but we all share a common love of music and singing. We are delighted to have you visit our website - why not find out more about Belfast Operatic Company by attending one of our forthcoming events, or by joining us to share in our future performances.


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It may seem strange to some, but the Belfast Operatic Company's many successes are not limited solely to the Grand Opera House. For many years, the Belfast Operatic Company has been happy and willing to entertain the public in many different and smaller venues all over the province and even beyond.

If you are considering a fund raising event for a charity, business or some other group; or perhaps a private event for friends or family, an evening's entertainment from the Belfast Operatic Company will be excellent value for money. Our current concert repertoire ranges from modern musicals to classical opera to sacred music, ensuring that the music we perform will cater for all possible tastes!

If you would be interested in booking the Company for an event, please contact the Secretary using the Contact Us form. Please remember to include in your message as much detail as possible about your proposed event e.g. venue, anticipated size of audience, stage/seating capacity etc. and we will be back in contact as soon as possible!

We look forward to entertaining you!

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